Dedicated Home Cinema

Digital era has spoilt us for choice with a multitude of alternatives. Each new advancement continues to revolutionise the home entertainment industry. These high end products allow us to design dedicated home cinemas and media rooms right into our houses. We spend a substantial amount of time around the entertainment unit of our house, be it enjoying a movie or cheering for our sports team. Hence designing a space that fulfils your entertainment needs is of great importance. Delta Vision is proud to be able to offer you their unique expertise in providing you with a dedicated home cinema space.

At Delta Vision, we work with you at every stage and aspect of building your home cinema. Right from working with your interior designer in choosing the leather for your couch or fabric of your carpet to making a complex audio-visual configuration, ensuring you have the perfect equipment to enjoy your home cinema. Our collaboration with the pioneers of home cinema, has helped us take a different approach to the planning and application for your home cinema. Our innovative and scientific approach to the design discipline has made us market leaders in the region.