Residential Solutions

Audio systems come in many cruces. Probing for a simple graceful audio controlling system throughout your home? – Sonos, Marantz or Bowers & Wilkins might be the right option for you. Probing for a more immersive and forceful sound experience? – our wide selection of speaker brands and styles are certain to satisfy what you are looking for in your home.
Four Main Features to consider when designing your home audio system:
1. Speaker and Equipment Placement
We offer many solutions for Speaker location.
Invisible speakers and subwoofers installed into the wall or ceiling and finished over with the adjacent surface to provide the best possible sound that can challenge the sound quality of luxurious visible speakers and eradicate unsightly grills used with traditional speakers.

In-Wall/ In- Ceiling Speakers installed anywhere in your home offering high performance and explosiveness with minimal visibility.

On-Wall Speaker System mounted to the wall offering high -efficiency sound quality.

Floor Stand or Bookshelf multi-driver designs feature a dedicated bass drivers, midrange and tweeter. Our variety of sumptuous and Class A floor stand speakers not only have more bass output and play louder music but also come in designs to compliment the décor of your home.

Weatherproof Outdoor Speakers distributing pure, dynamic performance to enliven any outdoor space. The outcome is a distinguished entertainment experience without unsettling the beauty of your surroundings. Our wide variety comes in many shapes and styles: rock speakers, landscape speakers and marine speakers.

2. Number of Zones
The number of zones or sources controls how many different things you can play through your audio system at once. Before you have a whole house audio system installed, our technical team will offer you the best solution to whether decide on one zone, eight zones, or something in between.

3. Controlling
We offer many systems that can now be controlled through an app on your smart phone or tablet, and a whole house audio system is no exception. While controlling through an app can be convenient, we also provide the option to use in-wall controls ( a touch screen or keypad installed on the wall).

4. Integrated Systems
Our technical team consists among the top integrators and AV specialists in the country to connect your home audio system to your home theater providing the best solutions to guarantee the fulfillment of your comfort.